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The customer has a smart cash drawer purchased from BIM POS and they have BIM POS Masterdine.

how can we configure it so that we make it work?
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This Smart CD works only on smart drawers purchased through authorized vendors of BIM POS connectect through printer interface via serial/OPOS only.

It is mainly tested on Epson-branded printers (TMT88IV and V) 

  1. Edit the Micro Switch Cash Drawer in: Station setup > Hardware Settings. (It should be the same as the printer attached to: Serial, OPOS with the same LDN)
  2. Change the “ASB Status” for Epson TM-85 in Printer Types to “29,97,1” – it should be the same for TM-T88 as well.
  3. The following OCX Should be registered:

OPOSCashDrawer.ocx version 
OPOSPOSPrinter.ocx version 

  1. Use the attached BIMPRINTINGSERVICE.EXE and NOT Bimprinting.exe



  • “Enforce Closing Cash Drawer” if checked will display the “cash drawer open popup” on the POS when the drawer is opened
  • “Beep After” X amount of seconds if checked will force the system to beep  after the designated seconds have passed